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Raven51 AG Reinhold-Frank-Straße 63 76133 Karlsruhe
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We are Raven51: Something new has emerged from the Königstein agencies in Berlin, Karlsruhe and Königstein. Together with JOBmenu, Hecona and Königsteiner E-Recruiting, we not only bundle concentrated HR competence, but also the experience of more than 50 years in a new agency, Raven51 AG.

A new agency driven by innovation. Who wants to be a pioneer and trailblazer. The next level recruiting in mind and you as a customer in mind. Because despite all the digitization, the following still applies to us: Customer first!

Next level recruiting: Easier, more precise, more efficient. This is next level recruiting! To be more precise: We combine the potential of digital change with over 50 years of experience in HR marketing. In addition, we use the skills and the almost insatiable curiosity of our employees and always go one step further. Into the new. Beyond the comfort zone. For your success as an employer!

Whether it is about placing new topics, developing new formats or setting new standards in the market: we want to be pioneers, trailblazers and door openers. Excellence in our daily work with you is what drives us. And our goal? Take your recruiting to the next level.

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