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Wollmilchsau GmbH

We love recruitment marketing, innovative ideas and hard numbers. For over 10 years we have been monitoring the labor market and supporting companies in recruiting. We know that it is not easy to find the right candidates. It is all the more important to bring job advertisements and applicants together quickly and efficiently. That is why we developed the job spreader – software by professionals for professionals.

The job spreader helps you to automate complex and time-consuming personnel marketing processes and to target more suitable applicants. Thanks to the programmatic job advertising technology, each job advertisement receives as many applicant views as it is statistically likely to be necessary to fill it. You also get access to real-time job market data, which you can use to optimize your recruiting strategy, as well as our job title checker, which tells you how good your job titles are and where there is room for improvement. And thanks to our individual advice, you can reliably turn the visitors to your job advertisements into applicants.

Together we will not only make your recruiting planable and measurable, but above all future-proof. Because: If you don’t waste time and skills on the administration of job advertisements, you finally have the necessary capacities to be able to recruit successfully!

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