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How ORMIT finds tomorrow’s leaders online

Lacking the right talent is a surefire way to failure. Traditional recruiting methods often don’t deliver the deep relationship, commitment, and unique skill set that is required of highly qualified leaders. ORMIT turned that model upside down – their trainee programs help their clients close the talent gaps of tomorrow. But ORMIT’s programs require candidates with the right mindset. They turned to Wonderkind’s Talent Attraction Technology to help their digital Recruitment Marketing efforts attract more and better candidates.

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Talent Attraction: How to win candidates in 2021

In today’s economy, talents choose who they want to work for. Recruiters can’t play the old game anymore: To stay a relevant employer in the marketplace, they have to become talent-centric. The name of the game: Talent Attraction. From diversity to Work-From-Home, Talent Attraction is set to replace the archaic methods of Talent Acquisition.

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How Recruitment Marketing Agency Raven51 creates high-performing job ads on social media in minutes – without ever hiring an advertising specialist

The German Recruitment Marketing Agency Raven51 wanted to use social media advertising to acquire more candidates for their clients. The problem: It’s hard to get good results without in-house expertise, and setting up high-performing campaigns took a lot of time and effort. That’s when they turned to Wonderkind for help.

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How to Reduce Your Cost-Per-Hire In 5 Easy Steps

Fair or not, recruiting departments today face the constant pressure to reduce cost per hire. Recruiters and HR are expected to line up the best hires in a short period of time with little to no budget. Breaking down your cost per hire is an important strategic tool to assess the cost effectiveness of your recruiting process. Here’s an overview on how to calculate your cost per hire and how to optimize your recruitment process for a reduced cost-per-hire (CPH).

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Recruiting Candidates With Artificial Intelligence

With more than half of all employers experiencing difficulties in recruitment, finding the right talent is critical for business success. Artificial Intelligence for recruitment is an emerging powerhouse of automation tools, which are able to look for talent in new and data driven ways. AI helps you focus on the right candidates by saving you time and money on repetitive, high-volume tasks, such as candidate targeting, sourcing or screening.

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How KFC lowered their cost per applicant by 87%

Kentucky Fried Chicken has over 18,000 restaurants worldwide, 53 of them in the Netherlands. KFC Netherlands employs 2,000 people at its restaurants and headquarters, making them the second biggest fast-food chain in the country. Kentucky Fried chicken has set a target to double the number of restaurants they operate in the Netherlands within the next 5 years.

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How Dela hired 7 new talents in only 10 days

When Dela decided to open a new location in Goes, a little village in the south-west of the Netherlands, they didn’t know anything about the area or how to search for the right employees. Because Dela did not have the answers, they turned to Wonderkind for help.

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