7 Automations For High-Volume Recruitment That You Can Implement Right Now

Tedious and manual tasks take too much time in your recruitment process? These 7 steps you can automate right now.

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If you’re recruiting for tens, hundreds, or even thousands of positions at the same time, automation is key to making the process as efficient as possible.

But even if you’re serving lower volumes, automating parts of your recruitment marketing campaigns will take a lot of work off your plate – and, in return, offer more time for the human side of recruiting.

Here are 7 things you can automate with existing tooling today. Which one are you already leveraging?

1. Job advertising

You can fully automate job advertising on traditional channels such as job boards, or on social media and Google (with our very own Talent Attraction Technology). So even with a large number of different job positions to fill, this should not hold you back from promoting them properly.

Solutions: wonderkind.com

2. Data entry

Most ATS suppliers can enrich your data and automatically fill it in based on the channel your candidate is applying through.

Solutions: recruitee.com

3. Selecting candidates

Scanning through hundreds of profiles? With a solution like Oleoo, you can just define specific criteria and let the algorithm to the main work for you.

4. Evaluating assessments

Assignments and automatic evaluation is a pretty standard feature of an ATS like Homerun.

5. Interview scheduling & agenda building

Still scheduling interviews manually? Calendly and Hubspot both come with powerful scheduling automation.

6. Onboarding

From the processes to communication – you can automate a lot of steps of your onboarding journey. How to automate your onboarding

7. Nurturing candidates

Once the talent has heard about you, it’s not always immediately a fit. So nurturing them is crucial. But no need to send manual follow-ups. Just use a talent nurturing solution.

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