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How to effectively hire in 2019

With the holiday season in full swing, this time of the year is often considered a period of decreased recruitment efforts. Contrarily, the pressure of finding the right candidate on demand does not decrease with the growing holiday cheer. Reducing your time per hire in the new year starts as early as now, because the average time per hire is 42 days. Read on to find out how to turn the holiday season to your advantage, and start hiring as soon as the January rush hits!

New Year, New Job?
The holiday season is a prime time for family and reflection upon the year gone by. Many people start the new year with looking for a new opportunity, believing that January is a great time for new beginnings. Returning to their current positions after the holidays, many people experience Blue Monday. With the pool of job seekers jumping up to 75% more than a daily average in January, this is the time for people to turn over a new leaf in employment.

“A lot of folks use that as a time of reflection,” says Jamie Chafel, recruiter in software technology to the Fast Company on why looking for a new job is so popular in January. “There’s a lot more interaction with friends and family, and one of the questions that comes up is, ‘How’s work going? How are you liking it?’”

Career change statistics:

    • Over 60% of workers are not truly engaged in what they do (Towers Perrin / Gallup)
    • Only 20% of us are happy at work (Roth and Harter, 2010).
    • Approximately 1 in 10 people have a current intention to change their career, suggesting that roughly 2.5 million people might consider changing their career each year.(Guidance Council, 2010).  Via


Each year in January, as the #newyearnewme hashtags are ruling social media, job seekers are on the rise. It’s one of the busiest periods of the year when it comes to recruitment,with a large pool of potential candidates being ready to switch their jobs and look for more exciting opportunities to shape their career path – including a growth among the passive job seekers as well.

With unemployment rates at a record low of 3.7%, you need to start early because with the average time to hire being 42 days, your recruitment campaign will reach well into the new year. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, “this quarter is poised to be a particularly good time to jump-start a job search for those that have been out of work as well as those that are looking to switch jobs.”

By starting recruitment campaigns now, you are able to pre-fill your talent pipeline, ready to roll by the new year. But how do you reach the talent you are looking for throughout the holiday season?

With millions of posts generated on Facebook during the holidays, and more than 63 million unique mobile users being active on LinkedIn even in December, people are active and spend time on social media during the holidays. Because of this, it is the perfect time to target possible candidates on social media!

According to Facebook Insights, Christmas is the most active day of the holiday season on Facebook, with over 800m holiday related posts generated, 86% of which are on mobile. Sheerly being associated with Christmas campaigns has given Jason Lewis a huge advantage on social media; they have generated 72% of interactions by Christmas Adverts.
But its not only social media usage that is increased – dating apps receive 350% more traffic posts, and 39% of all consumers opt for doing their holiday shopping on their mobile phone this year, according to pwc.

When it comes to reaching the passive job seekers that make up about 80% of the job market, advertising on social media and in apps offers a big advantage. Especially during the holiday season. Why? Because potential candidates are spending more time on social media on their mobile devices. And people are around, using their devices – even under the Christmas tree.

Dipping into the hidden talent pool of passive job seekers, AI and programmatic advertising can reach candidates through these platforms even during the holiday season – capitalizing on this increased usage.

Millions of people are visiting sites like Pinterest, Reddit, StackExchange, Quora and YouTube during the holidays; our technology targets the perfect candidate not only on social media, but also in Apps they love to use – even while they are scrolling for some holiday inspiration or taking a break from a family dinner.

Learn how

The importance of employer branding in order to win the talent for war has never been so high. The season of giving, nostalgia and holiday cheer is a perfect time of the year to create a positive association with your employer brand. Employer branding campaigns are a great way to make sure that when January rolls in and the recruitment season takes off, that you already have candidates who are aware of your company. Candidates are twice as likely to take action if they have interacted with your brand before. This can save valuable time and money for the upcoming months.

If you are looking to build a pipeline for the future, you should not forget about the hidden pool of talent during the holidays; the temporary workers. Whether you are looking for a holiday replacement, or someone to help with the increasing workload through the holiday season, think about this. Hiring temporary workers for the holiday season is a good way to convert them into long term employees through employer branding. And as an added bonus, they have already been trained during their temporary placement, so they can start the new year as a full-time employee.

If you are already running campaigns for the positions you need to fill, think about what other channels could you use for the same content. Re-targeting, showing your advertisements to potential candidates who have previously seen it somewhere else, is a very powerful reminder for them to apply. It is an easy way to get the attention of the applicants during the holiday season.

Retargeting and email tend to be significant cash cows around the holidays.” – points out Annie Cushing, Founder of Annielytics.


The Takeaway
The biggest benefit of hiring during the holidays is shortening the recruitment process by turning this time of the year into a beneficial preparation period for the new quarter. With the large pool of people searching for a new opportunity in the new year, January is the busiest month for recruitment with 75% more people seeking a job in the first month of the new year. With increased social media usage during the holidays, more than 800m holiday-related posts generated. By focusing on employer branding and positive employer association, you can pre-fill your talent pipelines for the new year not only with the active job seekers, but also with the job-switchers who are looking to change their career in the new year.

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