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Your recruitment marketing campaigns on LinkedIn only reach active candidates, but imagine if you could reach, connect, and engage with both active and passive candidates. It doesn’t have to be impossible to access 100% of all job-seekers in the market.

When you incorporate our Talent Attraction Technology, our tech will automate all your LinkedIn recruitment campaigns enabling you to reach up to 5x more candidates. You will now be able to access 100% of the job-seeker market as you save time while growing your business. 

Marketing on LinkedIn is already amazing as it’s the perfect environment to tap into talent goldmines. Once you understand your persona and how to message correctly, you will be engaging with your community. If you target precisely, you can speak to the right audience. LinkedIn already has the perfect environment, audience, engagement, and employer branding features for the white-collar market. But, with job postings, LinkedIn only targets active job-seekers, which is only 30% of the market. That’s why the final piece of your recruitment marketing strategy is Wonderkind. 

Why recruitment marketers love LinkedIn:


  • Access to highly targeted campaigns that attract, engage, and connect with the right talent on the world’s largest talent pool. 
  • As we mentioned before, LinkedIn has over 706 + million members on the platform coming from over 200 countries. That is a huge amount of white-collar candidate potential. With the implementation of the LinkedIn channel, companies can holistically target their ideal candidates. 
  • Per profile, anyone job title you add, you have the option to add the next ten suggestions to it. When the audience is too small, Wonderkind will notify you to let you know that you should add another profile or location to expand the audience. When a job title can’t be found matches the profile. Wonderkind then maps according to function group or skills.
  • Enhance your Linkedin recruitment ads by adding pictures and videos from our image library. 

Professionals still love Linkedin, even with the cons. 


  • On LinkedIn, it’s possible to attract a highly relevant white-collar target audience. However, to do this, the costs are higher than what you have come to expect if you’ve been using Wonderkind for your campaigns
  • Also the setting up costs are higher than for the other channels. Please ask your Partner Success Manager for a recommendation. 
  • This channel is not suitable for all jobs. It wouldn’t be advised to launch a LinkedIn campaign for a blue-collar job.

Pumping recruitment marketing ads on LinkedIn is great if you only want to target 30% of job seekers. But, who only wants to target 30% of job-seekers when you could be engaging with 100%? That’s where we come in. 

Wonderkind is the final piece of your recruitment marketing strategy:

  • Our tech integrates not just LinkedIn but a variety of social channels that allows you to target 100% of job-seekers
  • With LinkedIn as a new feature, you can now tap into both white and blue-collar markets. 
  • Target, connect and engage those hard to reach passive candidates on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Google with one click in one platform. 
  • Get ready to grow your business as you generate more high-quality candidates for your clients on autopilot. 
  • Our tech automates your social media job ads. Not only do you save time, but you get time back with our platform.
  • Wonderkind can now offer you campaigns on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Facebook Audience Network, Google Search, and Google Display.

Get ready to grow your business immensely. 

Essentially LinkedIn currently only offers job posts for active job seekers if you decided not to use their campaign manager. But, if you aren’t an expert with LinkedIn ads then that’s where we come in. 

We automate your social media job advertisements enabling you to reach passive and active candidates ahead of the competition. Get ready to reach 5x more candidates with your job ads on LinkedIn with our technology. 

Does this sound like Wonderkind is for you? Feel free to learn more about how our tech on our how Wonderkind works page or see it in action. 

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