New ways to improve your LinkedIn job ad campaigns

Right now, RMA’s and job boards are facing trouble with their social media ads: they’re getting less clicks and views, and the quality of candidates applying through these ads is decreasing.

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The state of social advertising 

Right now, RMA’s and job boards are facing trouble with their social media ads: they’re getting less clicks and views, and the quality of candidates applying through these ads is decreasing. This isn’t just a job advertising problem either, but a broader evolution: people expect more from brands and aren’t clicking just any ad. And when the usual channels aren’t working as expected anymore, something needs to change. But what? 

Wonderkind has found some incredible new ways to get your job ads in front of the right pair of eyes. The solution is equal parts psychology and technology, and will get you the audience you want in no time. We’ll zoom in on Linkedin, a channel that should definitely be included in any social media job ad campaign, and show you how you can do better… with or without our help. Read on to discover what we found! 

How to improve your LinkedIn ad performance

LinkedIn is, without a doubt the most prolific job-centered social medium. LinkedIn has traditionally had a mostly white-collar audience: think consultants, higher-level employees, and knowledge workers. The platform is the only place where you’ll find this audience as condensed and easy-to-target.

Everything on here screams “jobs” and “career development”. Play into it.

Moreover, when they’re on the platform, they’ll be focused on personal development, their career, or work matters in general. They’re essentially already in the mindset you want, looking for opportunities to learn and grow. Your job ads won’t have any trouble finding enthusiastic takers then! So how do you set up a successful campaign on LinkedIn? Let’s have a look. 

How to set your LinkedIn job ad campaigns up for success

The LinkedIn ad manager isn’t as straightforward as for instance the one on Facebook and Instagram. Still, many of the same best practices apply. There are a whole bunch of these to follow, with some depending on your goals. We’ll take you through the most important ones: 

  • As always, images work best, so including a photo or video will enhance your results regardless of content. Social media is evolving towards images over text, so when you do add an image, don’t add too much text on top either. The algorithm will pick this up and that may have an effect on your campaign result. 
  • LinkedIn users are in a very specific mindset, make sure to speak to that. Give them value, trigger them with information that could help them develop and learn, or that speaks to their ambition and career goals. You’re on a career platform, keep that in mind at all times. 
  • Make sure your content is optimized for both mobile and desktop as LinkedIn users are a very mixed bag platform-wise. This requires visuals that scale, take a look at the LinkedIn guidelines below to see if your image will weather the test of being expanded or cut off. 

Now that we know these 3 best practices, we’re ready to start setting up a campaign. So what’s it like to set up an ad campaign on LinkedIn? In short: it’s not an easy channel to advertise on. Just read through any simple how-to and you’ll immediately notice that there are a ton of guidelines, specs and targeting issues you’ll have to grapple with. 

On top of that, the ad manager isn’t very intuitive, meaning it will take you some time to learn how to use it. And if that wasn’t enough, advertising costs are high compared to other channels. This means that mistakes can be costly.

How Talent Attraction Technology can make your life easier on LinkedIn

Now, what can Wonderkind do for you on LinkedIn? Well, Wonderkind Talent Attraction Technology has an integrated API connection with the platform, as one of just a handful of companies. This way we can offer fully automated LinkedIn ad campaigns that boost your results exponentially, all piloted from our own system. You can set up your campaign exactly the way you like it, without having to manually input anything at all into LinkedIn. 

Do you want photo or video attached to your campaign? Of course you do! These are both no problem for our advertising technology: it takes care of those notoriously hard to navigate sizing and specs so you don’t have to. Just write an ad text and go spend all that time saved on doing more meaningful work. We’ll feed the results back to you through a custom dashboard that tracks metrics like clicks, impressions, cost per click, conversions and leads. 

Convinced? Just contact us for a demo – we’d be happy to show you exactly how much time you’ll save. 

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