Jan 14, 2019 by Saskia Riedstra

Product update: A preview for 2019

A new year has started and it‘s time to look ahead. In this blog we’ll focus on upcoming enhancements and new features that are coming your way in the first quarter.

Google Display

Our first step will be improving Google Display. In the last year clients provided us with feedback for the Google Display banners. And with the additional focus on content within the Recruitment, it was time to upgrade our banners. Currently we’re testing improved banners and so far it has positively impacted the CTR, sometimes even up to 100 procent. We will release this in the second week of January, meaning your new campaigns will have a boost in performance.


Google Search

In 2018 we’ve focused on the performance of Facebook and Instagram and with the improved banners for Google Display, which we will roll out in January, we can focus on another platform. At the moment we are running several validation tests for Google Search and the results are looking very promising, so we’re expecting your campaigns will generate better results in February.


Days live calculation

We received a lot of feedback from customers regarding the calculation of the days live of a campaign in the dashboard. At the moment this is based on the day a campaign is first created. For you to have a better overview on the amount of days your campaign is live and giving a better report to your stakeholders, we are adjusting the calculation of this number. The calculation will now be based on when the campaign goes live.


Data Processing Addendum

A small fix regarding the Data Processing Addendum pop-up. We’ll make sure only the right people (the decision makers) will see the popup.



Next to these smaller updates, we’re also working on two big projects that will have a huge impact on your way of working.


Leadboost 2.0

The first improvement will be the launch of Leadboost 2.0! By adding more options to do selection, you’ll have more control of which leads are expressing interest in your vacancy and that means you receive more high-quality leads! We’re also allowing you to create your own Leadboost pages which, will enable you to have more control over the look and feel of your Leadboost page.


Wonderkind 2.0

As mentioned in earlier product updates we’re rolling out Wonderkind 2.0. This is still happening and the next phase we’ll introduce a beta version of Wonderkind 2.0. So what’s new? It will be easier to use. We’ve completely redesigned the process of creating campaign. It doesn’t only look much better, but it’s also much more intuitive and user-friendly. But even more important, we’ve made several major improvement to the engine of Wonderkind, which will result in better candidates for you.



We are really excited to bring these new features to you in the first quarter! Want to know more about these enhancements and features or do you have feedback on what we should be working on next, please contact your Customer Success Manager. Or do you want to know how to effectively hire in 2019? Read it in our blog


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