Feb 07, 2019 by Andrea Marki

Recruiting Candidates With Artificial Intelligence

With more than half of all employers experiencing difficulties in recruitment, finding the right talent is critical for business success. Artificial Intelligence for recruitment is an emerging powerhouse of automation tools, which are able to look for talent in new and data driven ways. AI helps you focus on the right candidates by saving you time and money on repetitive, high-volume tasks, such as candidate targeting, sourcing or screening.

What exactly is AI?
Simply put, artificial intelligence is the way a technology or a machine is able to learn from data and carry out processes with the learned information. Think of technology like the voice assistant of your phone, recommended videos for you to watch based on your viewing activity, or the way traffic apps let you know that a traffic jam is ahead on the road you usually take to work — all based on data.

Speaking of data; more than half of talent acquisition professionals define the hardest and most time-consuming part of recruitment as identifying the right candidates. This is simply because there is so much data available, that it is not humanly impossible to dedicate the time needed to process it — and this is where AI comes in.

Recruitment and AI
61% of CEOs believe they are not recruiting fast enough, according to a recent study by PWC. In contrast, when sourcing candidates, the process is very time consuming. You need to access, select, and target the right talent by reviewing excessive online data. Also, you don’t want to convert everyone, only the right people, with the right skills, for the right job. So how can you speed up the recruitment process but still get quality leads?

According to HR Consultant Michael Haberman, AI is the solution to make people more effective at work, which is the best way to use AI in recruitment. This way, recruiters working with AI can outperform manual recruiting processes.

AI technology and predictive insights can really help you with the task of analyzing excessive data about possible candidates. This way you can get to the talent pool faster and more efficiently, and with the right message and at the right time. Sourcing candidates with AI can free your schedule up by automating your workflow to more effectively engage, screen, and assess candidates though the entire candidate journey.

“Most companies still use the traditional job advertising channels. It’s not surprising that they have problems with recruiting talent”, says Lars Wetemans, CEO of Wonderkind. “We offer our clients a new way to reach talent, especially the huge number of passive job seekers, through drawing attention for job vacancies in unexpected channels, like YouTube or apps.”

Learn how

How does Wonderkind find candidates with AI?
Let’s say you have a position to fill, it can be any position. With the traditional way of recruiting, you would post your ad on job boards, and pray that the right candidate applies. You would reach out to your network, and post the opportunity on LinkedIn, or similar platforms. This not only takes a lot of time, but it also only reaches the people who are actively searching for a job, and are looking on the platforms you are using.

In contrast, Wonderkind’s technology, based on big data about the online behavior of possible candidates, determines the best way for you to reach the ideal candidate. This includes the channels where people like your ideal candidate are most active, and what time they are most likely to apply. You can hyper-target the right talent based on exactly who you are looking for — and all this automated, with only a few clicks. For example, if you are looking for someone in Amsterdam, only people in the right area will see your advertisements.

The Takeaway
AI can turn your repetitive manual tasks into a fast, easy, automated process, so that you can focus on what you do best. Don’t waste time on methods that are only reaching 20% of the job market, but source your candidates with AI technology so you can reach 100% of the job market, including those who aren’t actively looking. With AI, you can target the best candidate with a few clicks, and you can save time and money by only showing the job opportunities to people who really fit your profile, and are skilled and passionate about the right things.

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