TikTok launches a recruiting platform – here’s what it looks like

TikTok is going after the job market. Will they succeed? And do you have to test TikTok now?

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On Wednesday, TikTok launched what might just become the world’s biggest recruiting platform.

With over 1 BILLION users, TikTok is already a social media behemoth – and it’s poised to take over the reign from the Big F(acebook). The average user in the US spends 24,5h on TikTok. Per MONTH. So if you’re trying to grab a candidate’s attention, this is not the worst bet to make…

Recruiting is TikTok’s new play for world domination

TikTok actively going after the recruitment market is a big deal:

While social media ads have proven to be very effective channels to source candidates, Facebook for Jobs wasn’t a huge hit. Now, TikTok is trying again.

Why TikTok’s recruiting platform could work

TikTok might just be the perfect company to pull the recruiting platform off:

Short formats Especially for younger candidates, shorter application processes have proven to be more effective. TikTok is THE platform for bite-sized content – where else would bite-sized applications live?

Authenticity and diversity TikTok promotes itself as the place to be your authentic self, and its users appreciate it. This significantly lowers the hurdle to apply.

Win-win for the employer While CVs are notoriously hard to evaluate, a TikTok video immediately gives you a glimpse into the personality of a potential new hire. This could have a huge effect on the efficiency of our online sourcing efforts.

We’ve seen sourcing change as it moves more and more to social channels – and TikTok might just have started a fire that will (finally) make applying on social media mainstream.

Wanna look how TikTok resumes will look like in practice? We’ve broken it down for you on our blog:

How TikTok resumes will look like

Let’s break it down. TikTok seems to be taking the safe route – instead of deeply embedding resumes into their native application, they – for now – will test it on a separate platform at tiktokresumes.com.

The setup is a mixture of a traditional job board and a TikTok ATS, as this process graphic shows:

Searching for job openings actually takes us to a pretty standard job board. We can browse different potential employers….

… and apply for job. Here comes the TikTok-twist: We can add a TikTok video link (and a Linkedin profile).

The feature is obviously not very mature yet, but TikTok is likely just testing the waters to see if building a full-fledged application makes commercial sense. A resume video, according to TikTok, could look something like this:


Tiktok do your thing! Check out ➡️ #TikTokResumes #TikTokPartner #productmanagment #jobsearch #graduated

♬ original sound – Christian 🚀

TikTok resumes will be tested throughout July and August, and it remains to be seen if it will be the final version of the product. You can learn more about TikTok resumes on their website.

Will you be testing TikTok resumes and job ads via TikTok more intensely in the future?

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