Jan 14, 2019 by Saskia Riedstra

Product updates: Top 8 new features of 2018

Innovations and developments within recruitment succeed each other in a rapid pace. That makes the profession as a recruiter challenging and innovative. You might have discovered new ways to source and recruit new talents. While you’ve been doing that we’ve tried to make your job easier with several enhancements and new features.

1. Employer branding product

Employer branding has been one of the top trends of 2018.  With 69% of the job seekers not taking a job with a company with a bad reputation, it’s no wonder that companies need to work on their employer brand. This year we’ve extended our product  by creating employer branding campaigns. We all know the goal; it’s about having a reputable employer brand, so you can recruit better candidates, reduce hiring costs and improve productivity. It’s the first step of the recruitment funnel. So what did we change compared to our job marketing campaigns? With our new settings we are able to reach and create as much awareness as possible. It’s not about getting as much leads as possible, but more about spreading your company values all over the internet for all job functions. All automatically.


2. Selection questions with Leadboost

The initial thought of Leadboost was to create a solution for companies that have a difficult application process without the knowledge or resources to change that quickly. Since most of the traffic Wonderkind generates is through mobile, the Leadboost page is 100% mobile proof. No resume or cover letter needs to be uploaded, the reached talent only needs to fill in the basic information. This was enough information to follow up the leads. But we wanted to help the recruiter even more.. Therefore we created to possibility to add three extra questions with preselected answers. So far this has improved the lead quality and has helped recruiters pre-select the most important leads.


3. GDPR  and ISO27001 Certification

As you probably all know already, 2018 brought a big change in terms of privacy and personal data. On May 25th, 2018, the New European General Data Protection Regulation kicked in. We had to be compliant with these new regulations and we took it to the next level by getting an ISO27001 Certification. We changed our lead mail, so our clients wouldn’t receive sensitive candidate data via email. They now get a notifications that new leads have come through and they can go to the the Wonderkind dashboard to see the leads. Another huge change was that we are no longer enriching our candidate data with Pipl.  This means our subprocessors are also compliant with our high standards formed by our ISO Certification.


4. Huge improvements in campaign performance

As a company we’re always looking for new ways to improve our campaigns and this year we succeeded. We started tests with Facebook campaigns only and after several tests we found a new way of targeting. It has increased the number of leads with an average of 37%! This is just the start of improving our campaign performance and in 2019 we’ll continue to boost the results.


5. Draft campaigns

To make your user experience better we’ve given you the option to create draft campaigns. So when you are creating a campaign and your phone rings, you can just pick up the phone and finish your business. Afterwards go to the drafts section and you can pick up right where you left before you got interrupted. This is a big timesaver for you!


6. ATS integrations

Over the years, the use of  Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) have been growing and growing. The majority of our clients work with ATS and we want to make their recruitment process as smooth as possible – we don’t like double administration. That’s why we’ve been working hard on establishing integrations with ATS and multiposters. At the moment we have successfully integrated with, Broadbean (Multiposters),, Recruitee,, Carerix and Bullhorn Connexys. You know the cool part? We are not only sending information, but also learning from the results. Want more information? Do not hesitate to contact you Account Executive.


7. Multicurrency

In 2017 Wonderkind was one of the winners of the Oranje Handelsmissiefonds. This fund helps Wonderkind to expand internationally.  Our focus was conquering the United States, however we only had clients that had the Euro as their currency.  After some work it is now also possible to launch campaigns in American Dollars and Pound Sterling.


8. Wonderkind 2.0

It has been the biggest project of 2018 and some of our clients already started testing Wonderkind 2.0.  So what’s in it for you:

  • Predictive recruitment; no more guessing. Our smart and state-of-the-art technology will predict the outcome of a recruitment campaign beforehand. Based on internal and (realtime) external data Wonderkind 2.0 will predict the number of leads, the cost per lead and more. Our technology will for example check supply and demand for that specific position, but also whether the offered salary is competitive and the employer brand popularity.
  • Easy to use; we’ve completely redesigned the process of creating campaigns. It not only looks much better, it’s also much more intuitive and user-friendly.
  • Market insights; during the creation of a campaign the technology will share several useful market insights, which will help you to get better results.
  • Improved performance; most of the improvements are invisible for the outside. The magic is under the hood. We’ve made several major improvements to the engine of Wonderkind, which will result in better candidates.


Do you have any questions about the top new features of 2018? Get in touch with your Customer Success Manager! Interested in what’s coming in the beginning of 2019? Read it in our blog

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