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Wonderkind launches a new brand identity with key elements that convey our mission, direction and purpose.

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As a company, we’ve evolved tremendously on all fronts over the past few years. We have implemented a brand new Talent Attraction Technology and leadership team while expanding our office and partnerships globally. This transition has helped us inspire over 13 MIO candidates to do the job that aligns with their purpose. And as part of the ongoing evolution of the Wonderkind brand, we are proud to announce the launch of the new Wonderkind Brand Identity to reflect even greater who we are and what we stand for. 

Our in-house design and brand team worked hard to create a new and more cohesive visual identity with key elements that convey our mission, direction, and purpose. Over the next few months, we’ll implement the brand identity across all our visual communications. Today, we’re launching our new logo.

Our mission is to inspire millions of candidates to do the job they love. We work together with our partners to make this happen. Wonderkind encourages candidates to apply Simon Sinek’s golden circle to their professional careers to help them define their purpose. The golden circle was a great inspiration for our logo. The three overlapping arrowheads of the logo represent the why, how, and what of a professional career. This powerful concept is often applied to businesses but too little to professional careers. Each component of our three values is embedded into our logo: 

  • We empower the Wonderkind
  • We bring value in everything we do
  • We get things done

The essence of our new logo

The Why

We empower the Wonderkind.

We encourage people to embrace change, learn, live courageously, and try new things. With our partners and employees, Wonderkind is committed to inspiring millions of candidates across the globe to do the job they love, what they think is truly meaningful and fulfilling. Their “Why” is reflected in the logo icon as a heart. Their behavior is an accurate reflection of their true interest. With our Talent Attraction Technology, based on their behavior, we encourage candidates to do the job what they love to do every day!

The How

We bring value to everything we do.

Next, candidates need to define How they will accomplish their Why or purpose. The How is where their strengths, interests, and values come into play.  At Wonderkind, we constantly push ourselves and others to be the best, we focus on innovative solutions, and we arrive every day inspired to make that positive impact.

The What

We get things done

Finally, the What. Wonderkind will contribute significantly to help candidates find a job/company that shares their purpose and values. We firmly believe that this is the common ground needed to help employers and future employees grow. It is essential to avoid wasting time on minor issues and focus on delivering data-driven value to our partners and customers on immense challenges to revolutionize the way candidates find their new dream job.


The upward direction of the arrowheads signifies action and growth (of employer and employee) to encourage candidates to find their purpose and do the job they love.  

The next steps

You will continue to receive communication and resources as we roll out the new Wonderkind branding over the next months. 

We’re super excited to continue our journey with you with an identity that aligns better with our mission to inspire millions of candidates to do the job they love! 

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