Facebook joins Wonderkind in fight for unbiased, equal opportunity hiring

Facebook bans discriminating employment ads, joining Wonderkind in empowering candidates to do the job they love, no matter who they are.

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Wonderkind and Facebook

Amsterdam, 23. September 2021 Wonderkind, the leader in Talent Attraction Technology, welcomes Facebook’s new requirements for employment ads. Starting September 28, Facebook will restrict targeting for employment-related ads, finally also in Europe making them a Special Ad Category.

The move will limit targeting options based on age, gender, or zip code – answering to the public demand to stop discriminatory and biased hiring practices.

Intent-based hiring replaces biased targeting

Wonderkind has generated over 450.000 job applications with its intent-based Talent Attraction Technology. Opposite to other advertising platforms, Wonderkind relies on a candidate’s interests and behaviors for serving ads, targeting talent based on who they want to be – not who they are.

With traditional targeting out of the picture, Wonderkind’s profile technology has proven to be a competitive advantage for their partners, as tests in the US have confirmed.

“Our vision has always been to empower the inner genius of every candidate”, says Laurent Scholten, founder of Wonderkind. “That’s why from day one, our Talent Attraction Technology has been inspiring candidates to apply for the jobs they love – no matter where they are from, how old they are, or the color of their skin. We are grateful that Facebook has joined us in this fight for unbiased hiring. The future of hiring is a long-term strategy based on strong employer brands and Talent Attraction, not short-sighted talent acquisition.”

We are grateful that Facebook has joined us in this fight for unbiased hiring.

Laurent Scholten, co-founder, Wonderkind

Facebook’s policy change will be effective September 28 and enforced starting December 7, 2021.

Wonderkind’s Talent Attraction Technology empowers millions of candidates to do the job they love. We do that by supporting our partners who help their clients reach and inspire quality candidates on the channels they use every day– such as social channels and Google.

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