How Dela hired 7 new talents in only 10 days

When Dela decided to open a new location in Goes, a little village in the south-west of the Netherlands, they didn’t know anything about the area or how to search for the right employees. Because Dela did not have the answers, they turned to Wonderkind for help.

Dela is one of the biggest funeral centers in the Netherlands. With 75 years of experience, they are a fundamental chain within the funeral sector. Dela has over 1 878 employees spread over 60 locations.

To make sure that they are able to fulfill, and exceed their market’s needs, they need to hire over 100 new employees yearly. For their newest location in Goes, not the most densely populated place, they needed 11 new employees.

The Challenge: An unknown market

Dela decided to open a new funeral center in Goes. Goes is a little village in the south-west of the Netherlands. Because they never opened a funeral center nearby the new location before, Dela had no clue what to expect.

They didn’t know anything about the area and thought it would be very difficult to search for the right employees.

The people here are very close in this area, everybody knows everybody.

Funeral Center Manager at Dela

How do people in Goes want to be informed about vacancies? Do they read the newspaper, or are they using social media? What are they doing in their leisure time, and what kind of education do they have?

Because Dela didn’t have the answers to these questions, they asked Wonderkind to help them map their target group.

The Solution: Better candidates, less effort

Dela’s old recruitment strategy was built on 2 channels: their personal website and their Linkedin page. On average, they received between 100 and 150 applications per vacancy. A reasonably high amount of applications for just two channels, but the applicant quality was low. The people who applied just weren’t a good fit!

The new location was already planned, so the 11 employees had to be found within a short amount of time. Dela started their campaigns with Wonderkind’s innovative technology.

Wonderkind used Facebook, Google Adwords, Google Search, and Instagram. Facebook and Google search were the social media channels on which the potential candidates were most active. Wonderkind did some A/B tests, quickly found the best performing ads, then pushed the campaign live.

2 campaigns, 7 hires

In total, Dela ran two campaigns. After one-and-a-half weeks, Wonderkind generated 172 leads. Not a huge difference in quantity compared to the previous campaigns, but a vast difference in the quality of applications.

Because Wonderkind targeted talent based on their interests, and their online behaviour, the applicants fit Dela’s company culture. Dela called 160 of the leads for a quick Q&A session. Then, they selected 61 people for interviews. Twenty-three of the people interviewed came directly from Wonderkind campaigns – the interviews resulted in 3 hires. Soon, Dela hired 4 more people.

During the two campaigns, there were 96.1K impressions, 72.8K people were reached, and 2 846 people liked the campaigns. 2 584 people clicked on Dela’s vacancies, and that resulted in 172 leads for 5.60 euro per-applicant. That means every hire only cost Dela 137,60€!

Due to these impressive results and their trust in Wonderkind’s technology, Dela decided to adapt the technology as one of their recruitment channels. Since then, Wonderkind has created more than 60 campaigns for Dela.

The results in numbers

  • 5.60 euro per applicant
  • 172 leads
  • 72.8K people reached
  • 2584 clicks
  • 23 interviews
  • 7 hires
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