How Recruitment Marketing Agency Raven51 creates high-performing job ads on social media in minutes – without ever hiring an advertising specialist

The German Recruitment Marketing Agency Raven51 wanted to use social media advertising to acquire more candidates for their clients. The problem: It's hard to get good results without in-house expertise, and setting up high-performing campaigns took a lot of time and effort. That's when they turned to Wonderkind for help.


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Today’s talents expect a different candidate experience. While years ago, companies could choose who to hire, the tables have turned – a result of the war on talent as much as the shift in media consumption.

For marketing professionals, this shift has been all too obvious – lead generation has, for years, started to become a more seamless, customer-centric experience.

But what has been normal in marketing hasn’t been normal in recruiting until lately – especially in Germany, a traditional market, where businesses still like to follow the “post and pray” way of working. A proactive Talent Attraction Strategy is more important now than ever. 

Few know that better than Frankfurt-based recruitment marketing agency Raven51. With over 50 years of experience in the business, Raven51 is a household name in the German recruitment market – known for always being on the forefront of technological change.

It’s our job as a Talent Attraction Agency to be ahead of the game, and to test new technologies for our customers in order to stop relying on simple, minimal distinctive, job postings.

Florian Grösch, Team Lead Data Driven Recruiting, Raven51

The old recruitment game just doesn’t cut it anymore

Raven51 creates best-in-class job profiles and ads for their clients in all industries – and makes sure the right talent sees them. If the client just isn’t well known enough, Raven51 also supports them with Employer Branding services.

But the digital expertise is where Raven51 really stands out among their peers.

What big enterprises can do in-house, we can deliver to companies with smaller teams and budgets. And for bigger companies, we can improve the performance even further and help them save up to 90% of campaign handling costs.

Frank Esbach, Head of Online Marketing, Raven51

Job boards – From “one central place” to “where did my job post go?”

There are almost 250 different job boards in Germany, which allows recruiters to target for pretty much any desired profile. Multiposting on many job boards is the norm, because most companies can’t just rely on one job board to get their pool filled with qualified candidates.

But this often means losing control of the job post.

We’re in a traffic-bubble, where you post a job, and it just lands somewhere because of aggregators and other job sites. Suddenly, your jobs appear on sites that nobody has considered before. But at the same time, good candidates expect a seamless experience and a well-structured job post. There are so many opportunities to post your job, that it’s gotten really important to use other channels to actually show that this job exists.

Florian Grösch, Team Lead Data Driven Recruiting, Raven51

It’s vital to follow-up with qualified candidates as quickly as possible, and hurdles for the application need to be low – just like in marketing. Job boards don’t always make that process easy for either the candidate or the hiring company resulting in potential loss of perfectly suitable candidates along the way.

At the same time, job board’s don’t even reach the majority of candidates, simply because on average  only 20% of candidates are actively looking for new career opportunities. On the other hand, research shows that 78% of the employed are not actively looking for a new role, but are open to it.   

With all these challenges in traditional job boards, Raven51 turned to Wonderkind for help.

Job boards are a pain for the candidate experience and only reach 20% of the candidates. Digital channels like social media are a great extension of that, but they require a lot of expertise. That was when we realized we needed a tool for that.”

Florian Grösch, Team Lead Data Driven Recruiting, Raven51

Social Media Ads: A technical challenge for any professional

80% of candidates are not actively searching for job opportunities in job boards. This means a lot of untapped talent just isn’t in reach through traditional recruiting channels.

The platforms in which candidates actually spend their time – namely social media – are the logical next step. And as easy as creating an ad online looks at first glance, the results aren’t always what they seem.

Anyone can create a Facebook ad. But without expert knowledge, the results are really underwhelming. Most companies today have a specialist who handles performance marketing ads because the average marketing manager can’t deliver results through social ads. If a recruiter were to do the same thing, the results can’t be much better. Advertising is complex, and it requires the right expertise and tools to manage it.

Frank Esbach, Head of Online Marketing, Raven51

But instead of hiring specialists to manage their campaigns, Raven51 uses Wonderkind’s Talent Attraction Technology to create social media ads – fully automated in line with their Digital Transformation Recruitment strategy.

Raven51 saves time (and money) thanks to fully automated advertising

Raven51 starts by creating job ads in Wonderkind’s Talent Attraction Technology. They define the profile they’re looking for, and the technology delivers recommendations based on budget and creatives.


of candidates are not actively looking for a job

The team at Raven51 can either rely on stock photos, or use their own images – something that more and more customers are leaning towards, in order to create more authentic and on-brand job ads to differentiate themselves from hiring competition.

All the heavy lifting is taken care of by Wonderkind’s AI-driven technology. Whoever is setting up the job ad doesn’t have to know the ins and outs of the advertising platform – the Talent Attraction Technology does the job for them and understands where it can attract the best candidates.

What would take us 30 minutes to set up, takes less than a minute  with Wonderkind. A 97% time-saver!

Florian Grösch, Team Lead Data Driven Recruiting, Raven51

Learning at scale

Manual job ads require a lot of experience and learning to deliver the best results possible. Because Raven51 relies on Wonderkind, they can benefit from thousands of previous campaigns that the Talent Attraction Technology has created – and optimized for.

With Wonderkind, Raven51 is now creating job ads for their clients at scale with the know-how of tens of thousands of other campaigns – an approach that is usually exclusive to advertisers with enormous budgets.

We technically would need to hire a whole team of advertising professionals to do what Wonderkind does for us. But we wouldn’t be able to do this on our current scale, let alone our future plans.

Frank Esbach, Head of Online Marketing, Raven51

Quality Candidates on autopilot – especially for blue collar jobs

The difference to manual advertising has been significant – especially in high-volume, blue collar job positions.

With bigger volumes, the benefits of an AI-powered technology have an even greater effect, namely in a strongly reduced Cost-Per-Click (CPC) and, as a result, a reduced cost per candidate. All this thanks to a smart targeting technology.

But even with the advertising technology taken care of, there is still enough work to be done for Raven51. Once the candidates hit the “Apply now”-button, the application page needs to deliver a seamless experience.

Wonderkind is incredibly powerful for high volume blue-collar jobs. But some of our clients are also successful to attract high-profile candidates like engineers or doctors. They combine job board multiposting with a targeted social media advertising strategy that creates more touchpoints with the candidate.

Matthias Schröder, Chief Sales & Innovation Officer, Raven51

How Covid-19 has fast-tracked social job advertising with 7-day campaigns

Through the pandemic, Raven51 has seen more “traditionally-minded” decision-makers become more aware of the importance of a proactive Talent Attraction strategy and the influence and power of social media. 


time savings in setting up job ads through Wonderkind

But the traditional way of setting up campaigns isn’t always compatible with best recruiting practices: Just waiting for candidates for 30 days can mean a critical delay in getting a job done. 

At the same time, many customers weren’t initially ready to test the technology with big budgets. Raven51 could offer an alternative: With campaigns of just 7 or 14 days, they could deliver fast results – without committing too much time or budget to a first trial.

My clients always ask me how long the campaigns with Wonderkind will run. I simply ask back – “Do you want 3 candidates in 7 days or 30 days?” and the answer is always the same.

Matthias Schröder, Chief Sales & Innovation Officer, Raven51

With more and more companies uncovering the potential of social advertising for their recruiting efforts, Raven51 is poised to generate long-lasting success for their clients through social media – and Wonderkind’s Talent Attraction Technology.

About Raven51

Raven51 is a Recruitment Marketing Agency based in Frankfurt, Germany. They’ve been helping their clients across all industries to recruit top talent since 1967. Their services span from job post writing over advertising and promotion – always with the eye on what’s possible with modern technology. Learn more about Raven51 at
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