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Case study KFC

Kentucky Fried Chicken has over 18,000 restaurants worldwide, 53 of them in the Netherlands. KFC Netherlands employs 2,000 people at its restaurants and headquarters, making them the second biggest fast-food chain in the country. Kentucky Fried chicken has set a target to double the number of restaurants they operate in the Netherlands within the next 5 years.


The Challenge

KFC Netherlands had no issues filling their vacancies in the previous years until a shift in the job market. Labor shortages made hiring more competitive and the number of visitors to KFC’s careers page decreased drastically, as did the number of applications they received. KFC was about to open a new restaurant, and they needed to hire 75 new people in just 4 weeks. KFC faced another impossible hiring situation. To complete an important franchise takeover, they needed to hire a new General Restaurant Manager for a location in Amsterdam in just 3 weeks. Recruiters at KFC quickly learned that old school job ads just weren’t enough. Nikita Moerer, Recruiter at KFC Netherlands, believed that they needed some real innovation.


The Solution

Wonderkind was able to share KFC’s job ads on the channels their target candidates used most, and during the times they were most likely to apply. Wonderkind also used geographical hypertargeting so that the ads targeted people who lived within 5 kilometers from where the new restaurant was opening. Hiring 75 people and a General Restaurant Manager in just 4 weeks is a lofty goal but KFC’s slogan, impossible is nothing, inspired them to put their trust in Wonderkind recruitment strategy. It paid off! KFC received 77 general applications, resulting in 61 hires. Their cost-per-application was €2.81, and their final cost-per-hire was just €3.55 with Wonderkind’s technology responsible for 80% of the total hires made.



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