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How to find the right candidate in 2022 with Matt Lozar part 1: Employer branding and messaging

It can be hard to gauge the effects and importance of employer branding. That’s because this is an element of your strategy that you can really only see the effects from on a long enough timescale. So what can you do today to improve your branding and messaging? We asked Matt Lozar, Director of Recruitment Marketing at the Haley Marketing Group about his experiences in this field.

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New ways to improve your LinkedIn job ad campaigns

Right now, RMA’s, job boards, and staffing agencies are facing trouble with their social media ads: they’re getting less clicks and views, and the quality of candidates applying through these ads is decreasing. This isn’t just a job advertising problem either, but a broader evolution: people expect more from brands and aren’t clicking just any ad. And when the usual channels aren’t working as expected anymore, something needs to change. But what? 

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