Let’s change recruitment together
We’re proud to introduce, the Wonderkind Partner Program. A program designed to help us grow, and scale our businesses together.
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The Wonderkind solution
Reach candidates with genius job ads
Wonderkind is a programmatic job advertising platform that automates recruitment marketing campaigns. By leveraging AI, and A/B testing to optimize job ads you reach top talent on social media, Google, and inside the apps people use every day.
Why limit yourself to reaching just active job seekers? Extend your reach to 90% of the total job market.
Changing the game together
Partnerships that work
By partnering up with Wonderkind, you give your existing and future clients the ability to target their ideal target audience based on demographics, interests, and online behavior on non job sites. Make it easy for them to advertise their jobs on the online media channels candidates use most.
Reaching our goals together
Measurable success
Setting clear goals and targets is an essential part of any profitable relationship. Partnering with Wonderkind is a proven revenue driver, increasing productivity by at least 76%, and providing partner organizations with a disruptive differentiator that sets them apart from their competition.
Increase sales
A proven 16%+ revenue driver
Optimize workflows
Create, and deploy your campaign in just 1 minute
Improve client retention
Give your clients the results they want
Get the best out of our technology
Wonderkind offers three different options for partnership. Each Partnership program provides unique benefits to help your business get the most out of Wonderkind’s technology.
Recruitment Technology
The Recruitment Technology Partner Program is designed for platforms who want to impress their current user base, and attract new users with disruptive technology.
Recruitment Marketing Agency
The Agency Partner Program is for recruitment marketing agencies who want to grow their business by providing the latest in talent acquisition solutions to their clients.
Media Publisher
Designed for media houses
The Publisher Program is for media publishers who have a special interest in talent acquisition from alternative sources.
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