The post-pandemic recruitment crisis is about to start. Are you prepared?

The world is slowly starting to open up again. But just when we thought we can go back to normal, the next crisis lurks around the corner. The surprise: it’s hitting recruitment departments. Again.

It started with layoffs, but that’s not where it ends

The pandemic caused massive layoffs in a number of industries. In hospitality, almost every second job was cut

While restaurants and cafes started to look for alternative income streams, 76% of employees have looked for new job opportunities. And this is where things get interesting.

Your candidates might be gone for good

Many of us have reconsidered our career choices – and it turns out that that trend holds true in every sector.

While travel, events, and hospitality needed to close, employees needed to find different occupations, and this trend threatens the reopening of the economy.

35 % of bouncers and security personnel are reported to have moved to other positions. And with eCommerce on the rise, it doesn’t look too rosy for waiting personnel either.

There is no “back to normal”

Research from Gartner reports that talent worldwide is reassessing where they want to work – and why. They identified three key trends:

  • The need to expand beyond existing talent pools
  • Offering a compelling employee value proposition
  • A rapid turnover of “necessary skills”

The bad news: if you haven’t already set up your post-pandemic strategy, it might already be too late.

What you can still do

Markets are expected to open up in a few months. The research shows – if you just wait it out and go back to your regular playbook, you’ll lose out.  You have to prepare for a massive, sudden influx in demand. While we’re pretty used to hiring season, this is a challenge that we likely have never seen before.


 That means you have to start filling your talent pool now. Starting when the influx happens will be too late – now, there are still thousands of suitable candidates hungry for an opportunity – but as soon as markets open up, competition will be fierce.

If you don’t prepare your recruiting funnel for this challenge, you will lose the race.

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