Our AI knows how to attract top candidates

Wonderkind is the first automated job advertising technology that reaches the entire Internet.

Our artificial intelligence knows when, where, and how to reach candidates based on their online behavior and targets them with the right job ads.

Easy Campaign Set-up

Who are you looking for?

After you've shared the details of the job, our AI takes over. In this example we’re looking for a Business Analyst in Amsterdam.

Our AI optimizes results in real time based on the criteria you choose, such as a job profile with desired skills and seniority level, location, and market demand.


AI optimized media plan

Wonderkind job ads use AI to hypertarget talent throughout the candidate journey and optimize campaign strategy based on your needs.

Our AI will create the perfect media plan to attract the talent you need. You can then modify our recommendations as needed, from ad copy, to images, to budget.

Easy Campaign Set-up

Predictive & Transparent

Thanks to advanced algorithms, you can see the expected outcome of your recruitment campaign before you even launch it.

With one click you can deploy your campaign and ads that will be A/B tested and automatically improved for the best results. In our easy to use dashboard, you’ll see how your ads attract top talent in real-time.

Easy Campaign Set-up

Smart job ads

Our AI automatically sets up the best performing ads for your campaign across all media channels, from Facebook, to Instagram, to Google.

Job ads are A/B tested and optimized based on performance, but if you wish you can add, change or delete ads.


ATS Integrations


GDPR Compliant & ISO 27001 Certified

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