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Recruitment Marketing

Unemployment is at a record low. In response, employers are turning to new advertising channels to source talent. Specifically, to source passive candidates. But, to successfully reach and convert these candidates, we need to make some adjustments to the recruitment process and funnel. A recent study by Talentboard showed that 40% of European employers have an application process that takes 30 minutes or longer.

2 types of targeted advertising: active versus passive

Active candidate targeting

Channels like LinkedIn, Indeed, and job sites, are generally best for reaching active candidates. The people using these platforms are (actively) looking for work, they’ve got their CVs ready to go, and they’re willing to go through the standard application process.

We don’t need to majorly adjust our approach here although, it wouldn’t hurt to turn to the recruitment funnel described below.

Passive candidate targeting

This is where things get tricky. When people are not actively looking for work, we need to target them on the channels they use all the time. To do this, we need to use marketing techniques that follow candidates’ everyday browsing behavior.

We need to treat our candidates like customers. Showing them our job ads as they scroll on Facebook or Instagram, browse their favorite websites, or use their daily apps. It’s about making them aware that there is a cool new job out there. And, spiking enough interest that they click through for more info.

How this changes the current application funnel and process

The “old school” process with candidates actively looking for work starts when they upload their CV for a specific job opening. Candidates typically find their way to job openings via career-sites, professional platforms or job boards.

For attracting passive talent we can use the standard marketing funnel converted for recruitment. The marketing funnel consists of three stages: discovery, engagement, and attraction (conversion.)


Marketing: A marketer will introduce you to a brand by showing you the brand they want to promote.

Recruitment: We start showing passive candidates ads that promote your employer brand. We showcase your company’s values, growth aspirations, and culture.


Marketing: At this stage, a marketer will convince their target audiences that a brand they’re promoting is the best choice for them by pushing benefits and products information.

Recruitment: We share the benefits of working at your company: testimonials from employees explaining why your company is a great place to work, your company’s perks, and important info, like your company’s health plan.


Marketing: A marketer’s main job here is to convert leads into customers. Leads take the plunge and purchase a product.

Recruitment: Leads are not converted to candidates yet. They haven’t even applied! We promote job ads for positions candidates are interested in, then persuade them to request more information, or submit their contact details.

What to do with a funnel full of leads?

Leads need to be nurtured. This means making contact and providing the information necessary to encourage applications.

Different roles will require different styles of nurturing.

For hard to fill positions (positions that require specific skills and don’t generate a ton of interest) we need to make contact as soon as possible. Call a lead, open a dialogue, and sell them on the position and your company.

For easier to fill roles (roles that get a lot of interest and don’t require a specialized skill set) we recommend employing pre-assessment and selection tools to see if the lead is a good culture fit. This will help you prioritize high-quality leads and save you time by improving the quality of your applicants.

The Takeaway

It may take time to adjust to this new way of sourcing, but we make it easier for you by taking care of your recruitment funnel. Our advanced AI technology automates your entire recruitment campaign and A/B tests your job ads to automatically improve them and get you the best results at every stage of the candidate journey.

We’ll fill your funnel with high-quality leads so you can focus on nurturing them into applicants.


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