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Effortlessly find your next hire with genius job ads
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To reach both passive and active job seekers, you need to look beyond job boards. We cover 90% of the internet by advertising on social media, Google and in apps people use every day.
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Say goodbye to your post-and-pray strategy and that pile of resumes. Wonderkind targets ideal candidates only, based on demographics, interests and online behaviour.
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We generate the best performing ads based on tons of previous campaigns. Then we exhaustively A/B-test different content, visuals and channels to maximize your campaign’s performance.
The right everything
We target people based on their passion. If PHP developers spend hours a day on that one niche blog, then we’ll use that sweet spot to encounter them. Your ads will contain buzzwords and visuals that make your talent tick. Finding talent is a matter of being in the right place at the right time.
You can just sit back and relax
Our AI automatically optimizes your campaign along the way, using automated A/B testing.
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84% lower cost per apply
Case study
66% lower time per hire