Connect your customers today with the future of Talent Attraction Technology.

Automate your social media campaigns that will make passive job-seekers flock to you. Focus on running your people business and delivering a continuous inflow of candidates to your clients. 

How Wonderkind Works

You bring the job.
We take care of the rest.

You’ll never have to see an ad manager from the inside again. Just upload your jobs in text or XML – and we take care of targeting and the nitty-gritty for you. Say goodbye to hour-long wrestling sessions with your ad manager. And hello to upload, launch and analyse


Exciting jobs.
Even more exciting job ads.

Don’t worry about visuals, formats, and sizes. Simply upload the images that you want to use – or pick from our large library of tried-and-tested creatives. Our technology automatically matches the formats and sizes, so that you can be sure that your job ads look more attractive than ever.


Click. Launch.
Reach the right candidates.

Our distribution engine shows your job ads to the right candidates, even if they’re not actively looking for a job. With one click, you can publish job ads on Facebook, Instagram, and Google – without the hassle of managing multiple platforms.


The right insights to optimize your campaigns.

Report in real-time on the metrics that matter most to your business. Always have a finger on your costs per click or impression – and improve your campaigns on autopilot. Our technology optimizes your campaign goals, so you don’t have to do it manually.

More candidates

Reach candidates on platforms that they use every day. With Wonderkind, you can reach 5x more candidates.

Higher quality

There are more quality candidates than 
you think. Our Smart Profile System finds the right candidates and engages with them.

Less effort

Create the right job ad in no time. Real-time data optimizes it for you and saves you time, hassle, and money.

Why our clients ❤️ our technology.

»Wonderkind helped us find 11 new employees through social media.«

Lieke van Dongen

»Suddenly, we started to fill positions that we just couldn’t fill before. Now, we get approached because people just know that we can deliver the right results.«
Yuri Wouda

Yuri Wouda

»We experimented a lot with social media ads, but only with Wonderkind we started getting the results we wanted.«

Frederik van Lierde

Wonderkind integrates

with your existing workflow

Wonderkind client logos

Up to 5x more as many candidates, 45% lower costs:

How the Belgian Recruitment Agency Headcount gets better results and stays ahead of the curve through big data.

We've launched more than 10.000 job campaigns.
These are the most common questions.

The channels we offer for your campaigns are: Instagram, Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Facebook Audience Network, Google Search and Google Display.

Each platform contributes to a different part in the candidate journey and together we can reach 97% of the internet.

Data is the foundation of our organisation and technology. Besides testing the performance of different ads within a channel, we also compare channels and targeting.

Based on the data we collect, campaigns are optimised so that you get the best results possible.

Every candidate that has shown interest through the Lead Boost page, will be shown in your dashboard. Go to the campaign you want to see the results of; click in the bottom right corner on “Options” and then “View leads” and you will find an overview of all the information available per lead. When you are making use of the additional questions, click the name of the candidate and a pop-up will appear with their answers.

Want to know more about following up on your leads? Go to this article that will help you.

Yes, you can! We would love to use your videos in your campaigns if they fit the social media requirements.

When you would like to make use of video, please send the video to your Customer Success Manager since it is not (yet) possible to upload your video yourself.

Want to know more about following up on your leads?Go to this article that will help you

In the last three years we have activated over 10.000 campaigns through our Wonderkind technology and we have collected a lot of data from those campaigns. With every campaign our technology has gotten smarter and smarter.

By running your campaign through the Wonderkind technology, you are able to make use of our technology and run the best campaigns possible.

Another advantage of using the Wonderkind technology is that you are able to easily create a campaign for several channels with the same tone of voice and thereby create a better synergy on all channels.

Based on results and success windows from previous campaigns, we have decided to keep the standard runtime around four weeks. This ensures the best performance.

You can discuss with your Customer Success Manager or Account Executive for a deviated run time.

Based on data we have defined a preset of characteristics used to identify your target audience. This is a distinct combination of targeting settings (a profile) based on data from previous campaigns our technology ran and online behaviour, interests, job functions, education and employers.

The statistics of your employer brand campaign will be shown the same way as your job advertising campaign. Since you are not generating leads for your employer brand campaign, you will see the amount of clicks the campaign generates. If you wish to see the full effect of the employer brand campaign, we suggest you check your Google Analytics to view the amount of traffic the campaign has generated to your website.

If you need assistance setting this up, please contact your Customer Success Manager.

Once you have activated a campaign, our Customer Success Team will review your campaign for any inconsistencies.

Next, your campaign is going to be activated automatically by the Wonderkind technology within 24 hours. From there it can take up to a day before you see the first results in your dashboard.

Only 30% of candidates are actively looking for jobs. With our technology, you can reach up to 100%.

Stop waiting for the right candidate. Our Talent Attraction Technology enables you to create distinctive Recruitment Marketing Adverts in minutes and pro-actively reach candidates on platforms they’re actually using.