Wonderkind turns the entire Internet into a recruitment platform

With only 20% of job seekers actively looking for work, companies miss out on a huge part of the candidate market.

Wonderkind's technology reaches 100% of the market because we know how to attract passive talent. Our AI finds candidates based on their online behavior and hypertargets them with the right job ads on social media, Google, and beyond.

Wonderkind is one of the fastest-growing tech companies in recruitment. Companies in 41 countries, and across 5 continents, use Wonderkind’s technology to attract the perfect candidates. From multinational corporates, to niche market enterprises, Wonderkind powers and automates the recruitment process.

Trusted by 1000+ companies, and counting


20 thousand campaigns


More than 500 million impressions


Over 1 million leads


Our story

Wonderkind was founded in 2016. Our 3 founders saw an opportunity for change in the recruitment industry that only technology could make possible. Just a few months after launch, Wonderkind received the recruitment tech award for best tooling, and shortly after that, we were named the Dutch start-up of the year. Since then, Wonderkind has become one of the fastest-growing tech companies in recruitment globally. Our mission, to help people find purpose in their professional life, is going viral. We’re well on our way to making the recruitment process as easy as booking a trip, or ordering takeout.

Global, yet connected

We built our technology based on our belief that people thrive when they find happiness in their professional life. And, this all starts with us. Across teams, we come together through this shared purpose, we do what makes us happy and this makes us strong!

We also believe that everyone deserves to work in a welcoming, open, and diverse culture. We work together to give each other the support we need to thrive. Join us and do what you love!

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