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New ways to improve your LinkedIn job ad campaigns

Right now, RMA’s and job boards are facing trouble with their social media ads: they’re getting less clicks and views, and the quality of candidates applying through these ads is decreasing.

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9 ways to make your recruitment content hit the application sweet spot

Content: it’s become somewhat of a big word, and everyone needs it. But what is content exactly?

At Wonderkind we ask ourselves these same questions every day – we’ve even made it our business. Which is why we wanted to give you some tips on what to look out for when you want to produce your own content for recruitment. All summed up in 9 quality tips across 3 different areas of content.

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Talent Attraction: How to win candidates in 2021

In today’s economy, talents choose who they want to work for. Recruiters can’t play the old game anymore: To stay a relevant employer in the marketplace, they have to become talent-centric. The name of the game: Talent Attraction. From diversity to Work-From-Home, Talent Attraction is set to replace the archaic methods of Talent Acquisition.

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How to Reduce Your Cost-Per-Hire In 5 Easy Steps

Fair or not, recruiting departments today face the constant pressure to reduce cost per hire. Recruiters and HR are expected to line up the best hires in a short period of time with little to no budget. Breaking down your cost per hire is an important strategic tool to assess the cost effectiveness of your recruiting process. Here’s an overview on how to calculate your cost per hire and how to optimize your recruitment process for a reduced cost-per-hire (CPH).

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Recruiting Candidates With Artificial Intelligence

With more than half of all employers experiencing difficulties in recruitment, finding the right talent is critical for business success. Artificial Intelligence for recruitment is an emerging powerhouse of automation tools, which are able to look for talent in new and data driven ways. AI helps you focus on the right candidates by saving you time and money on repetitive, high-volume tasks, such as candidate targeting, sourcing or screening.

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