Our Pricing

No subscription.
No problem.

With Wonderkind, you pay on a Pay-per-Click basis. No subscription. No hidden fees. You only pay for the campaigns you’re running.

Fair and transparent.

We’d love to give you a price estimate, but it depends on you! With our Talent Attraction Technology, you only pay for the performance of your campaigns.

Based on your industry, job, and volume, our intelligent algorithm will estimate prices per click or impression before you even launch the campaign.

How your journey with Wonderkind will look like.

  1. You’ll receive a demo from our specialist that shows you the capabilities of our technology.
  2. If you like what you see, we’ll agree on a 3 month trial period. You only pay for the budget you spend, and the 3 month period will give us a strong data foundation for future campaigns together.
  3. After the 3 month trial period, you will have a solid understanding what our technology delivers for your campaigns.

How much could you pay? Try our pricing calculator.

Get an estimate for your costs per hire. Prices per hire vary per industry and country – schedule a demo if you want to learn more about your actual costs!

Your success is our success. That's why we're your partners, not just another tech company.

Our Partner Success team works with you to deliver value to your clients. They guide you to develop a Talent Attraction strategy that fulfills your goals, and are always there to support your campaign targets.

»Wonderkind helped us find 11 new employees through social media.«

Lieke van Dongen

»Suddenly, we started to fill positions that we just couldn’t fill before. Now, we get approached because people just know that we can deliver the right results.«
Yuri Wouda

Yuri Wouda

»We experimented a lot with social media ads, but only with Wonderkind we started getting the results we wanted.«

Frederik van Lierde

Only 20% of candidates are actively looking for jobs. With our technology, you can reach up to 100%.

Stop waiting for the right candidate. Our Talent Attraction Technology enables you to create distinctive Recruitment Marketing Adverts in minutes and pro-actively reach candidates on platforms they’re actually using.